Achieve More with your NDIS Plan

Your NDIS Plan is unique to you. It is a document that outlines your needs, goals, aspirations and disability supports required. You will receive access to assistance when it comes time to put your plan together, however making sure that you take time to consider what you want to achieve from your individual plan will ensure that your plan helps you to achieve more.

Setting goals is one of the first things that you will do to help guide the creation of your NDIS plan. Having clear and achievable goals will help to guide your decision making at every step along the way and will help to provide you with a solid reference point to continually assess your plan as you move forward over the years. It can be challenging to take your big picture goals and turn them into practical actions for you to work towards achieving, but handy guides can help you to set goals within your NDIS plan that will help to enhance your life. 

There are a number of resources available to help you approach this process with confidence and ease. The Independence Australia NDIS pre-planning booklet includes a step by step guide to helping you consider the kind of support that you might require and how your goals can be integrated into this.

It’s important to remember that no matter what you are hoping to achieve with your plan, there are more than likely organisations around Australia who exist to help make that possible. If, for example, your goal is centered on engaging with the arts, you could check out this great summary of NDIS and art centered organisations. Similarly, there are many fantastic disability focused sporting and exercise organisations that are working to help people across Australia to ensure that they can participate in a way that works for them. 

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Your goals can be whatever you want to make them, for example, Stacey Christie made travel and maintaining her independence key goals within her NDIS plan. For her, this meant that her plan allowed her to receive funding for a wheelchair and other supports that could help to make this a reality. You can read more about Stacey’s plan and learn how having these goals in place from the very beginning helped her to achieve more and make the most of her plan. 

Remember that you will need to review your plan 12 months after it begins. That being said, for participants who feel that their needs are unlikely to change, future plans of up to three years are available. The benefit of being able to review your plan is that you are provided with the opportunity to check if your supports are working for you and are helping to work towards achieving your goals. Ensure you take the opportunity to review your plan and further, if you feel that the plan that you are provided isn’t the right fit for you, know that there are avenues available to request a review. If you’re unhappy with the plan you have received, you can find out more about requesting a review. 

Independence Australia is a leading NDIS service provider, offering support coordination to eligible Victorian residents. Click on the link if you would like to learn more about Independence Australia’s support coordination services. Independence Australia is also able to offer options for you to purchase consumables with your allocated NDIS participant funding from anywhere in Australia. Independence Australia also supply a list of NDIS Consumables.