MASS Funding Scheme

The Queensland Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme  – MASS provides funding for medical aids and equipment to eligible residents who have a permanent and stabilised condition or a disability. The scheme helps people to live at home and avoid early or inappropriate residential care or hospitalisation

What products are available under the MASS Funding Scheme?

The following products are available through Independence Australia:

  • disposable pads, nappies, pull-up style pants and all-in-one pants
  • indwelling and disposable catheters
  • catheter valves
  • sheaths (latex and non-latex)
  • leg and night drainage bags
  • stretch pants (only supplied with non-adhesive shaped pads)
  • medical air and gel cushions
  • portable ramps

Who is eligible for the MASS Funding Scheme?

To apply for assistance under MASS, you must:

  • be a permanent resident of Queensland
  • have a permanent or stable condition or disability
  • hold a pensioner concession card, health care card or Queensland Government Seniors Card

You need to be assessed by one of the following clinicians: Continence specialist registered nurse, Geriatrician, Occupational therapist, Paediatrician, Physiotherapist, Registered nurse, Urogynaecologist or a Urologist.

Lodging an application for the MASS Funding Scheme

Initial application
For the initial application, the following forms will need to be completed by an eligible prescriber.

  • MASS 50 Continence Aids: Initial and Review Application Form – Part A is to be completed by the consumer and Part B by the clinician
  • MASS 84 Proxy Access to Centrelink Information Form or include a photocopy of both sides of your concession card

Click here to download MASS Continence Aids Application form.

The application forms should then be faxed or posted to one of the MASS service centres. Contact details are supplied on the application forms.

Reapplying for the same aid
To reapply for the same type of continence aid (within 3 years), you will need to call MASS on 1300 443 570 and place an order. They will need to have the previous approval letter and know the type and brand name of the aid used.

Reviewing applications
Review applications are needed when the type of aid required is changed, or when it has been 3 years since their last application was reviewed. The initial application process will need to be repeated.

Independence Australia has the following products available through MASS SOA.

Click here to download Independence Australia’s MASS continence products range

Click here to download Independence Australia’s MASS sample order form

Click here to download the Invacare Portable Ramps brochure

Click here to download the Equagel Pressure Cushion brochure

Click here to download the Silver Star Ramps brochure