With your help we can continue to provide vital support


2020 has unfolded in ways which none of us could have ever imagined.

For many of us the way we live day to day has changed dramatically, and for the people we work with at Independence Australia, people living with a disability or other physical need, the changes have created many additional challenges.

In the face of COVID-19, the people that we help have experienced increased tensions, faced with concerns that may seem basic to many of us; “Will I still be able to access help to get out of bed each day, to shower, to access food and will I still be able to access the basic medical assistance that I need?”

These worries resulted in a surge in demand for the services offered by our Psychology and Counselling team.

Your generous donations have enabled us to;


Increase access to our one-to-one counselling sessions by 76%, with a move to telehealth allowing for greater access to these services

Double the frequency of our family support groups from monthly to fortnightly with attendance numbers at these sessions also doubling, as the accessibility of online sessions enables opportunities to connect for clients located regionally.

Bridge gaps caused by social isolation by providing support via video conferencing for those practicing strict isolation due to a fear of contracting COVID-19 due to being in a high risk group

These can be offered at no cost thanks to the funds kindly contributed by our donors like you.

To continue delivering these services at an increased level we are asking our donors to dig deep and support us during these challenging times.

For as little as $50 we are able to fund a person with a spinal cord injury or their family member attending a 2 hour online peer support group

$100 helps us to provide a much needed, no cost one hour one-to-one psychology session for vulnerable members of our community


Thank you once again for supporting our work, we hope you are able to support us as we adapt our psychology and counselling services to meet the needs presented by a new and different world throughout 2020.
Dr Andrew Sinclair

Psychology Lead, Independence Australia